Let me tell you about my day last Wednesday. I was driving along the motorway to meet a client and it started to rain. Instantly the automatic windscreen wipers came on and then worked intermittently as required throughout the journey. My speed was a constant 70mph thanks to my cruise control, so my foot didn’t even need to be on the accelerator.
(Two weeks earlier when I’d typed my destination into my Google calendar, the destination had been picked up before I’d even finished typing and that morning, I’d been able to click a button and get instant directions.)
I needed to speak to a team member for a project update so I said out loud ‘Call Emma’. My automated power dialler kept playing my music until the point when Emma said ‘Hello’, meaning I could enjoy my music rather than listen to the phone ringing.
It was also month end that day and somewhere in cyberspace my invoices were arriving in my clients’ inboxes as I drove. No need to spend ages looking back at how many hours they’d had or any discounted rates for referrals – it was all set up and working for me as I got on with my day. My team were able to log into the task management software we use and pick up all their work for the day, rather than me spending half the morning briefing them before I left.
These days, technology moves at such a pace that there are always new and exciting ways that the small business owner or entrepreneur can help automate some of their workload. It’s always interesting when I meet potential new clients who ask me to review their processes as they seem to readily accept technology in some areas of their life but often have trouble applying it in others.
All these automated processes freed me up to do what I need to do to grow my business – pitching and winning new clients. It’s amazing how a few changes can really make a difference – if you’d like to know more about how automating your business processes could save you time and money, please get in touch and I’d love to show you where to start.