If you are a parent, this week will have been half term and you’re probably wondering by today if you’ve really mastered the art of juggling the work life balance.
At Viva, we know that it’s not always easy – very few people these days have local family who can help out. We even have some contacts who never manage a week off with their other half as they split the childcare and use their leave to cover weeks individually.
So what’s the answer? Many people wrongly assume that if you’re self-employed or work from home, it’s an easy life and you don’t have any childcare worries in the holidays. They’ve obviously never tried to hold a serious business call with a toddler clinging to their leg or children fighting in the next room!
Many of our clients come to us after these types of experiences – they realise that they can’t be all things to all people and have to take a more pragmatic view of managing their business and family. After all, isn’t one reason for being self-employed so that you’re not constrained by office rules and expectations?
We often recommend starting with call answering – it’s definitely the area that parents find most stressful when the kids are off school! Let us answer in a professional manner and deal with the queries – you can then spend quality time with your children and fit the work around the plans you’ve made.
Some of our most efficient clients have this fine-tuned – in the holidays, they get up early and deal with the urgent tasks before the kids are up and raring to go, leave the rest to us during the day and catch up again in the evening. Others decide that they want to do no work at all in the holidays and we take over the admin side of their business completely. The beauty of virtual assistance is the flexibility; using us as little or as much as you need (or can afford) to make the most of the hours with your family.
If your half term hasn’t gone quite how you’d have liked it to, why not get in touch today to make sure your Easter half term holiday is much more fun!