My secret beach escape


Do you have a special place? Or a favourite spot that inspires you? I’m off to the beach again next week for a whole day. Nothing unusual there you might think but it’s not a special day out or a holiday treat.


If I told you it’s something I do once a fortnight, would you think I was mad?Let me reassure you that I’m not.


OK so the British weather may not make it the ideal place year round but if I can’t get to the beach, I can be found one day a fortnight at the spa, walking through the countryside or even lounging by the pool at my gym.Let me tell you why.


The workplace can be wonderful and stimulating and many people thrive on being busy all the time. They’ve grown used to the constant interruptions and demands on their time. They like to be involved in everything and they’re passionate about overseeing all aspects of their business.Yet they’re missing something important – the time and space to think.


When you were first starting up your business, I expect your daydreams were an important part of formulating your new business ideas and goals. Whether it was a soak in the bath or sitting in the garden, I bet you were planning and tweaking all your ideas and your creativity was at its peak.So why stop now?


Time out from the pressure and demands of work helps you reconnect with this creativity and often produces the Eureka moment that you’ve been missing.


Suddenly the solution to that problem is obvious! You can make clear decisions and not get caught up in the fire-fighting environment that a busy office can foster. Making a good decision lets your business move forward in a sensible and profitable way rather than lurching from one quick fix to the next.


So why not take a day out next week? I guarantee you won’t be wasting your time and it may even be the start of much greater things. I’d love to hear how it goes – Leave a comment below, or get in touch at [email protected] and tell me what you achieved.