Just a quick post today about a great piece of software we think you’re going to love.


If you’re like some of our clients, you‘ve got so many different passwords to remember that you simply can’t recall them. This isn’t just frustrating; it can often be quite risky.




Well if you’re like most people, you either resort to using one password for everything or writing them down and leaving the list on your desk. It may seem like a simple solution but in reality, you’re putting your security at serious risk.


Then there are those who waste hours every month resetting passwords and going through verification processes, only to find they’ve forgotten them again the next week and have to start all over again – losing time, money and patience!


So what’s the answer? We think we’ve found it – LastPass for business.


It generates and stores strong passwords, then auto-fills them each time you visit a site.


You can even manage staff access to accounts without them ever seeing your password – great for situations where you want to limit access and very handy if employees leave (no more changing all the passwords for security!)


So take a look at www.lastpass.com today and see how easy it is to take back control of your online life. You’ll wonder why you ever took the risks you did!