When I came across the 7 Ways to Spend Dramatically Less Time on Email article on Inc. this week, it made me sit up and pay attention.



Why? Clearly because I still spend a little too much time checking emails – along with most other people on this planet – despite having implemented a number of tools to deal with them efficiently.


But something in the article really hit a nerve. And it may with you too.


The article read “Someday, many, many years from now, when your friends and colleagues are gathered at your memorial service, do you think they’ll be saying what a great leader you were–because you always responded promptly to their emails?”


How true. Maybe it’s time to start getting in control of your emails, rather than them controlling you?


Here’s 3 quick tips that you can implement immediately:


1. Stop checking emails first thing!
The amount of people I know who wake up, open one eye and grab their phone to check emails is frightening (I used to be one of them). Come on now, get a life! The most successful entrepreneurs never check email in the morning.


2. Only check emails twice a day
Three times absolute max. Aside from the negative impact on your productivity that checking emails throughout the day has, it also sets a precedent that you’ll respond to people’s emails straight away. Think about it, you don’t really want that reputation do you?


3. Use a responder
If you’re twitching at the thought of 1 and 2 above, then to take the pressure off, tell people when you’ll check your emails and when they can expect to get a reply. Set their expectation that they may not get a reply if their email doesn’t warrant one. Do all this in an automated response.


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Here’s to a zero inbox!