Are you struggling to get to grips with your house and all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the Christmas period? Maybe you’re not as organised as you’d like to be at work and you’re worried that it’s making you look unprofessional. These are the sort of problems I hear every day and yet it’s not as hard as you’d think to get organised.
I should know – I used to be the sort of person who’d rem ember I needed something about 5 minutes before I left for work in the morning and then couldn’t remember where it was! I also struggled to get my paperwork under control and it left me feeling completely overwhelmed and unsure how to make it better.
Luckily that old me wouldn’t recognise the new me – I’ve got it under control and now thrive on bringing order to the chaos for others. Life is just so much easier when things are organised and the time savings are amazing. If you’re constantly losing things and stressing about the state of your house is getting you down, I’m proof that it can all change for the better for your family and for you.
My family now know where everything goes, it’s very simple, They know where to find pens, sweets (if authorised!), where to put school homework and PE kits and are now ready for the following day with very little effort. When it’s someone’s birthday, we always have cards and stamps in the card box, spare presents in the present cupboard and jiffy bags in the stationery drawer to post them in! We know exactly where sellotape, scissors, reading glasses, remote controls, keys, shoes, etc. are all the time.
I willingly confess to having a ‘pen drawer’, a ‘sweet cupboard’, a ‘school box’, a ‘presents cupboard’, a ‘card box’ – in fact a place for everything! Recently a friend heard me talking about the pen drawer and got very excited – “OMG, you have a pen drawer as well? My husband thinks it’s ridiculous that I have a pen drawer, but now I feel better”! Perhaps we are both a little odd, but guess who can find a pen whenever we need one?
I’m so passionate about the results of getting things under control that I’ve even set up a new business selling the sort of paperwork organisers that have brought my business life under control – I really believe that the right tools can help you get anything organised!
Why not invest some time this January in creating your place for everything? I’m convinced you’ll be joining me as a ‘pen drawer’ owner before long – let me know how you get on at