I’m really passionate about making life easier for small business owners so I jumped at the chance to ask my Mastermind group members about the sort of things they use a VA for.


Now that might sound nosy, but I’ve found that while clients love having a VA, they’re often a bit hesitant about what they can delegate. Plus, they’re also very interested to hear just how other people use a VA to make things work for them.


So where better to do a quick bit of research than a group of forward-thinking business owners who were happy to share how having a VA has lightened their load?


Personally, it was also really useful to see if we’re offering the type of support that people want so I was delighted to hear that the top ten are things we do for our clients already. Phew!


So, let’s have a look at those top ten things that smart business owners never waste their own time on. How much better could your day be if you had support with:


  1. Diary management – Streamline your week with effective diary management and never miss an important meeting again.
  1. Travel booking – Be where you need to be, when you need to be. Travel booked with your budget and preferences in mind.
  1. Checking emails – Imagine a life without an overflowing inbox – routine emails dealt with for you and urgent emails flagged for attention, freeing up hours every day.
  1. Making telephone calls – Don’t lose chunks of your week to routine telephone calls that don’t need your input. Anyone can order stationery but not everyone can do what you do.
  1. Bookkeeping – Knowing your numbers is key to business growth – don’t leave everything to the end of the tax year or risk your business with poor cashflow.
  1. Research – Why waste hours looking for data when a researcher can find what you need? Focus on what you do well instead and watch your business thrive.
  1. Price comparison checking – Don’t let lack of time cost you money. By delegating this task, many small business owners save significant amounts each year compared with the rushed purchasing decisions they previously made.
  1. Event planning – Ensure your event comes in on budget and delivers everything you need. From small meetings to annual conferences, handing the details over to an expert ensures you can focus on the content not the logistics.
  1. Credit control – Don’t ruin a great working relationship with awkward discussions about money. Outsourcing credit control takes all the emotion out of unpleasant situations and ensures you get paid.
  1. Personal admin – Make your home life smoother – from booking appointments and restaurant tables to buying tickets and presents, free up your own time to spend doing the things you love.
A varied list I’m sure you’ll agree but one that might just inspire anyone who’s wondering what else they can delegate to free up some time.  It’s often hard to let go but focusing on the things that drive business forward, rather than the mundane day to day stuff, can really bring great results.