What are your customers really thinking about?

Like me you’re probably signed up to lots of newsletters and keep an eye on business discussions on social media. It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information sometimes and I know we’re all guilty of scan reading and missing things that could be really useful hidden amongst all the rest. As someone who also sends out useful information in newsletters to clients, I’m always interested in the best ways to reach out to people who might really benefit from what I’m sharing.
So I was interested to read an email suggesting that the way to get people’s attention is to ask yourself what conversations your customers are having and target your information more specifically at these. So if, for example, you’re sending out emails with top ten tips for organising your filing, it may be that this isn’t a need people are identifying in themselves enough to want to engage with you. If you ask ‘How long do you need to keep receipts and business paperwork?’ this may well be a question that they’ve been asking and they instantly click to find out the answer.
It’s all about rethinking what your clients and contacts are actually talking and thinking about. We’ve all experienced that instant feeling of understanding and relief you get when you find out someone’s on the same wavelength as you – well this is about creating that feeling between you, your clients and your prospective clients.
So take some time today to think about what people you deal with might really want to know or discuss – what problems might they be having that you can identify? What topics are they really interested in? What business or news issues will be affecting them?
If you can truly tap into their way of thinking, you might be very surprised at the way in which your interactions increase in number and success. Let me know how this works for you – I’d love to share ideas.