Do you recognise the symptoms?


  • Cold sweats when you think of the day ahead
  • Dry mouth but no time to take a coffee break
  • Tiredness (working late last night?)
  • Stomach pains (missed your lunch again…)


Why keep a dog and bark yourself?


If you’re struggling to delegate, that’s exactly what you’re doing. It’s all too easy to think that hiring a Virtual Assistant will solve your problems but without some planning and training, you may as well not bother!


Why would a VA expert say that?


A VA can transform your business with their skills and experience but one thing they’re not is a mind reader! Have you ever started a new job and ended up with all the basic jobs because everyone was too busy to show you the ropes? That’s not a fast route to success for any business.


But how can I find the time to delegate?


There’s no magic solution – there are only 24 hours in a day and nobody is going to add an extra hour or two – but it is possible and not as hard as you think.  Here are three simple tips to get started:


1. Get up an hour earlier

I’ve recommended this to so many people and the first response is inevitably ‘I’m not a morning person!’ Why not? Is it because you’ve allowed things to become so out of control that you don’t know where to start? Maybe you were up late trying to catch up with everything you should have done the day before. Well stop now – that’s no way to enjoy your work.
There’s a wonderful clarity when you’re up early and motivated for the day ahead. Just imagine if you woke up each day at 7am to find that your day had been planned, tasks delegated and your diary was up to date. Well get up at 6am and you could easily have achieved this.


2.Diary some time each day for a meeting with yourself

Nobody would question a large company’s Director with a full diary – meeting the people who make the marketing, financial and strategic decisions that keep the business ahead of the competition. Now ask yourself – who makes these decisions in your business?
Being available to clients all the time is exhausting and you never get the advantage of focussing on one area of the business for a longer period of time.
All your competitors are planning ahead and delegating tasks that they don’t need to do themselves – can you really afford to stand still and let them race ahead?


3. Start documenting your processes.

There’s a real reluctance for small businesses to do this yet they often need to the most. What would happen if you became ill or needed to take time off for a family emergency?
 Could anyone cover or would they have to tell your customers the truth – that they didn’t know how to process their order or deal with their account?
Can you really afford to jeopardise all your hard work and lose all your customers? People might be sympathetic for a week or maybe two but they’d soon lose confidence in your company and start looking elsewhere.
The added benefit is that you can start to delegate more tasks to others within your organisation now, clearing your day for the important decisions and planning that will grow your bottom line.


So what are you waiting for?

If you can make even one small change, you’ll really start to notice the difference. I challenge you to get up one hour earlier every day next week and use that time to plan, document and delegate.  Email me next Friday at to let me know how you’ve got on and I’ll be happy to offer you a 10% discount on your first hour of virtual assistance to help you make even greater progress. I look forward to hearing from you then!