Short and sweet today.  Just like me.


I simply want to share a very affordable little tool that has saved me hours of time.  I’ve known about this little gem for a year or so now but have only recently started using it.


I weep at the hours I have wasted without it.


As you may know, I do get excited over these things and love to share them with you…


If you have receipts thrown in a shoebox, shoved in your inside car door pocket, dotted throughout your (far too large) inbox, lying on the microwave, screwed up at the bottom of your handbag (or man bag), lost in your To-Do pile, or sitting in other obscure places… then I’m guessing that collecting them up for your bookkeeper once a month is not top of your To-Do list.


Well, you can put a stop to that.  Sharpish.  By setting up ReceiptBank.


For those pesky little paper receipts, take a quick photo on your mobile, one click, bin the receipt and you’re done.  No more paperwork – yay!


For the electronic receipts clogging up your inbox, simply forward them to your personal ReceiptBank email and you’re done!


Dead clever.


ReceiptBank intelligently reads the info from your receipt, categorises it for you and everything.  It then feeds it into your accounting software (assuming you use popular accounting software such as Xero, Kashflow, Quickbooks and the likes).


What a find!


Try it, it’s a clever little piece of kit.


See you soon!