I was reading an article in Forbes the other day – which I’ve linked to below – and it got me thinking. How much time, headspace and opportunity for business growth have we wasted – even just in the last month – by making a choice to allow negative people into our lives?


The article was nothing new. After all I’m more than aware of the bearing negative people can have on us; I even talk about it in Sort it Out! Nonetheless it acted as a good reminder.


Complacency Can Be Harmful


A few years ago I had a de-clutter and removed all negative influences from my life. It felt great. But as I was reading the Forbes article this week I wondered… had some negative people sneaked back in?
It made me realise that it requires an ongoing conscious effort to deflect these people. We shouldn’t ever become complacent about who we spend time with.
Get Their Cards Marked
Whilst reading the article, I giggled to myself – for every single one of the stereotyped list someone popped into my head. The gossip, the judge, the victim, the manipulator, the envious, the self-absorbed. And so it goes on.


How’s It Affecting Your Productivity?


Aside from the energy these people suck right out of you, have you ever stopped to think about the impact they have on your productivity? Think about it. Whilst your headspace is taken up with thinking through a comment on an email, mulling over something that was said on the last night out with that person, or wondering if that look given at the school gates meant what you thought it did, you’re not fully focused.
Some people can program themselves to not give a shit. But others are more sensitive. Whichever of those two camps you fall into, it’s undeniable that the negative nellies affect you in some way.
Time for a cull of the people you hang out with? Here’s a link to the article, I hope you enjoy it.