Can you believe it?  Another year has flown by and all of us business owners will (hopefully) now be enjoying a well-earned break with our families and friends.  Yet many people will be starting to stress this weekend about getting back into the office on Monday to make sure they’re not missing anything. Others will be worrying if they achieved enough last year or whether they can keep their business afloat next year.
It’s natural to take stock as the year ends.  For business owners, there’s often nowhere to hide.  It’s our decisions and our planning that will make or break our business in the early stages.  It can feel like a never-ending slog at times, especially as you see family and friends enjoying set days of paid holiday, an office Christmas party and a hamper to thank them for all their efforts.
Yet think back to the very reasons why you started your own businesses – the idea that you could do it better – or differently – and earn a living doing something you are passionate about rather than in an employed job clock-watching.  There’s an immense amount of pride in knowing that you created your livelihood and that of your staff – that you’re not just following the crowd, you’re leading the way. Feel it!
Remember in 2015 that there’s nothing wrong in admitting you can’t do everything. You’ve created your business and succeeded in ways you never dreamt of, so now’s the time to build a support team around you as you grow further. Our most successful clients enjoyed a fantastic 2014 – they left us doing all the jobs that didn’t need their expertise and made the most of their own skills. If you’re struggling with the idea of where to go next, get in touch at and I’ll be happy to discuss how we could help you too.
Happy New Year!  I wish you a successful and enjoyable one.  If you have a minute, you may enjoy watching this though-provoking video about why you do what you do: