Sarah Rugg

Chief Efficiency Officer

So you may be wondering at this point how Vi-VA might be able to help you. Why we are different from any other VA company. Or you may simply be inquisitive about the lifeblood that runs through the company.

Not to worry, I have answers to your questions!

A business owner and an entrepreneur too.

I’ve extensive experience of setting up businesses from scratch and so really understand all the fun and the challenges that go along with that. I currently own and run 3 businesses and each one has taught me something different. In fact, there can’t be many issues or challenges I haven’t faced myself!

My background

My commercial background in the banking world brings experience of marketing, project management, customer service and credit control so while there are lots of VA companies who are great at what they do, you’ll struggle to find many that can offer you the business insight we have.

What makes me tick?

I love what I do. I’m passionate about making things simple. I’ve even written my own book Sort it Out! on the subject. I believe in making life easier, more productive and more enjoyable – and having worked with entrepreneurs and business owners, I know you do too.

I’m constantly learning and developing to make sure we bring you the latest and best tools and strategies to make your business thrive. Whether it’s joining Mastermind groups, reading the latest business books or trying out the latest software release, it’s important to me to really understand the world you’re working in and what matters.

Outside of work

Let me just tell you a little about me – I’m married with 2 children and set up Vi-VA after having my eldest child, so I could work flexibly and not spend all my hours away from them. After an 18 year banking career, I love working for myself and still make sure I find time to enjoy working out and spending time with friends and family.

I’m a passionate supporter of The Brain Tumour Charity and have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (don’t you just love a BHAG) to raise £1,000,000 to help find a cure for brain tumours. A percentage of our profit is donated to this fantastic charity, which I came across following the loss of my dad to a brain tumour.

So as a client of Vi-VA you’ll also be contributing to a cure for brain tumours. It’s a no Brainer.

Sarah Rugg – Chief Efficiency Officer

Meet Your Team

We understand how frustrating it is, calling your VA and getting an automated message when you need to speak to them urgently. Then finding out you don’t actually have your own VA and your job is in a queue to be picked up by the next free VA!

Professional. Experienced. Approachable.

At Vi-VA we only employ the best VAs and we always guarantee your own dedicated VA who you can access directly. Call us or send an email or text and we’ll get started on the job – building up knowledge of your business, clients and preferences as we work together.


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