My friend, let’s call her Louise to protect her identity, hates the weekly shop. Every week, she spends ages making her list, driving 25 minutes to her preferred shop then dragging herself up and down the aisles trying to be enthused about shopping. Like many of us, she’s been doing this weekly ritual since she left home twenty years ago and is thoroughly fed up with it.
So why have I told you this? In her other roles, Louise is a real go getter; an entrepreneur earning a considerable amount and applying logical solutions to her clients’ problems day in and day out. So why hasn’t she applied this thinking here?
I’m no lover of the weekly shop myself – there are things I’d much rather spend my time doing. After all, I only have to go back and replace everything next week, and the week after….. So what’s my solution? Online shopping – it saves times, petrol and even money as I’m not tempted to pick up those little extras as I walk past. There are many things I need to be doing every week and this just isn’t one of them. Louise could be spending the 2 hours she takes to do her shopping every week on growing her client list or billing extra hours.
Think about your own business – if you’re able to earn £50 or £100 an hour for client facing time, it’s a no brainer to hire someone cheaper to do your admin or research. The best decision I ever made for myself was to stop trying to be all things to all people and stick to what I do best. It’s all too easy to stick to your old routine as Louise does but sometimes you need to step back and ask yourself how you could make things better.
I challenge you this week to change one thing that you don’t like doing and could get someone else to do better – let me know what you changed, how long you’d done it the same way for and of course, how much difference it’s made to your week.